Lee Caraher is a CEO, an author and a entertaining and sought-after speaker known for her practical solutions to big problems.
Her friends call her the Millennial Whisperer.  She prefers Millennial Champion.

Lee’s the CEO of a thriving agency that works with great people doing great work for good companies. An acclaimed communications strategist, Lee’s an author, a speaker, a trainer, and a doer and she’s here to share what she’s learned the hard way to help reduce the drama in the workplace.

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Pile On To Break Through The Herd

Pile On To Break Through The Herd

Andie Kramer and Al Harris, authors of Breaking Through Bias, Communication Techniques For Women to…

Millennials & The Benefit of Temp Jobs

Many of us may be under the impression that temporary work is unwelcome. After all,…

5 Job Search Mistakes No One Told Me About

5 Job Search Mistakes No One Told Me About

  Millennial Guest Post by Emily Drewry. The Job Search. When I found myself going…

Breaking Through Gender Bias: Leaders Read This Now

Breaking Through Gender Bias: Leaders Read This Now

As a women CEO in a female-dominated industry – or at least the female-dominated section…


EverythingSpeaks Desktop Guide

EverythingSpeaks is a desktop guide to manners that matter in the workplace.


Keynotes | Workshops

Keynotes, Workshops & Seminars to address a wide-range of workplace situations, including:

  • Millennials & Management: A Framework for a Drama-Free Workplace
  • Building Future-Proof Workplaces
  • EverythingSpeaks: The Manners That Matter in the Workplace
  • Attracting and Retaining the Next Generation Workplace
  • The Art of Communication: Conversing With Employees and Customers

Book Lee To Speak

…This is the most practical and entertaining book I found on developing and retaining millennials…

David DeLong

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! You brought a great perspective on what to expect, what to accept, and how to squish the myths.

Mary Lou, Senior Director – HR

I loved your talk at GuideSpark! I’ve read a lot of studies about millennials, but your talk was much more real, as well as practical. Thank you!

Tammy, Director- HR Strategy

It was truly our pleasure to have Lee Caraher keynote at The Advertising Research Foundation’s Industry Leader Forum. She skillfully brought to life her deep knowledge of managing millennials in the workplace through poignant stories and real-life experiences. Lee is an excellent presenter and engaged the audience fully. There were numerous questions and a line at her book-signing following the talk. We would readily ask Lee to speak at any of our events in the future.

Rachael Feigenbuam, SVP, Events Program Producer

I have heard Lee speak on the topic – she brings the same balance of respectful humor with truly effective information to her book. Her first hand experiences are balanced with research.

Mimi, HR – Manager